The island attracts a number of artistic types, who have set up colonies in the hills over Youkali Bay and down in Smuggler’s Cove. They seek inspiration not only from the natural beauty found in the glorious natural settings of Youkali, but also from the gentle people who inhabit the island.






Maidai “wrenched” her talent from her adopted home of London, England to the island to start Maidai’s Graphic Design. She creates books, games, puzzles, gifts, and all manner of things beautiful. In her spare time, because she is totally addicted to books, she works as Youkali’s librarian…where she has amassed a wonderful collection of books on dreams, the occult, paranormal phenomena, alternative realities, and so on…and when she’s not reading, she’s out and about on Youkali’s roads as the president of the Youkali Hell’s Angels!






Famous Youkali journalist Droog4 lives in a small, book-lined cottage in Youkali’s Bohemian neighborhood with his tortoise-shell cat Wanda. The decor includes his astonishing collection of ghastly tourist souvenirs from around the world, about 200 toy soldiers, and several small functional robot arms. (Droog4’s Inner Child has no Outer Adult). Away from home, Droog4 can be spotted in his blue 4×4 pickup truck (which *never* off-roads) with red fuzzy dice in the back.

Droog4’s modest aim is to prove the Extended Reimann Hypothesis, now (since the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem) the deepest unsolved mystery in all mathematics; this he pursues with the help of his pre-owned Cray Supercomputer — though keeping it bathed in liquid nitrogen is financially ruinous. One side-effect of his mathematical researches is to have his True Name gloriously graffitied all over the Australian Web Page entitled “The Great Prime Number Challenge.” This will have to suffice for Droog4’s tenuous toehold in CyberSpace until he completes his own Web Page (tentatively titled “Bob’s Discount Prep”).

Droog4 is also a stereo phreaque, and from his windows late at night can be heard a variety of transcendental music: Kurt Weill, of course, is his passion, and seeing #Youkali on the Undernet channels list is what first lured him to the island. At other times, those lurking in his shrubbery can hear Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; Flaco (“el Rey de Tex-Mex”) Jimenez; Glenn Gould; Enrico Caruso; Samuel Barber; Charles (“Are my ears on wrong?”) Ives; Donald (Steely Dan) Fagen; and “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad” by Bernard Herrmann. Once a week, Droog4 is a late-nite deejay on YKLI-FM.

Droog4’s politics lie somewhere to the left of Whoopie, and at one time he was partially composed of titanium. He is a spectacular cook, specializing in highly spiced dishes made with fresh Habanera peppers, and in liberating the world’s vegetarians from boring cuisine

Marmaduke was one of the first artists to immigrate to Youkali. He opened up a small shop to print posters for travel agents that has now grown to be a multi-million dollar publishing house with clients and offices world-wide. Marm is a surprising guy…you never know exactly what he will do next. Most recently he invited us to join him at an on-site sit-in to protest underwater nuclear testing…hmmm…maybe we’ll just watch that one on Youkali local access television…





Luminesce (a.k.a. Siedhe, a.k.a. Luminex) is a most interesting character. He is a world-renowned computer graphic artist whose work has actually been displayed at the Louvre…ok, to tell the truth, he designed a subway poster that hangs IN FRONT of the Louvre…He also is the editor of Youkali’s only underground newspaper. Perhaps his most famous quote is the following:

…when the sun sets upon the twilight world, and the icy grip of winter can once again be felt, the stars will shine brighter than ever before, and you will know that the time has come. The time to put away your fears and hopes and dreams in favor of an older calling. From the ashes, the new world shall arise….


Patbooks is Youkali’s book publisher, and has assisted countless Youkali authors in bringing their works to the printed page. Pat has lived in many of the most interesting places in the world…from the picturesque Los Angeles “valley”, to the arid deserts of Arizona, to exotic Mexico…but we are happy to report that she has chosen Youkali Island as her home. Pat specializes in miniature books, and a number of them are available from hersatellite facility back in the States. You can count on an intelligent and literate visit to Youkali when Pat is around…Pat is also half of Youkali’s second mother and daughter duo (She’s Divy’s mom!)


Spectrum, or as he is now better known, Spec96, is another well known Youkali poet, and you can read some of his work at the Spectrum Home Page. Spec was originally recruited to be the offical Youkali Forester, and is a true protecter of all that is beautiful in nature… but recently he has turned to computer databases as his way of life. He is one of Youkali’s most powerful political activists, and Verdi counts on him to help organize the Youkalites to protest whatever nonsense the world’s politicians are up to…Spec is also a gourmet cook, and if you are very lucky, he might invite you to his log cabin for a delicious pasta.



Sawhorse fashions wonderful creations out of….how did you guess…wood! He is the proprietor of a little shop called the Youkali Sawmill, where he makes custom furniture and cabinetry for the citizens of the island. In addition to these practical items, he also makes wooden collectibles and toys…recently he introduced a best seller, the LadyDeath Doll…and if you are nice to him on the channel, he may offer you a beautiful wooden rose…




Phatman is a famous Youkali poet who has a special way with the English language…and not just in his poetry! Phat describes himself as a frequent visitor to the caphes of Youkali, where he phervently perphorms his special blend of poetry…he is known for his impulsive “grooving”, his exceptional ability to listen, and his hatred of untruth…his writings are phrequently phound on the pages of the Tradewinds, and Patbooks is in the process of publishing the 42nd volume of his works…





SirGalahad (a.k.a. SrGalhad) was found washed up on the northern Youkali shore with a bass guitar as his only possession. He currently plays inThe Narrow Way, the only OriginAlternative band around. Although well known as the most harmless person on the island, he also ranks up with some of the most bizarre. Expect a humorous, and sometimes completely off the subject, reply to anything you might say to him. In fact, expect a humorous reply when you’re NOT talking to him. In fact, just expect the unexpected.




Showpan is best known on the island for her love of music. She is a professor of music studies at the renowned Youkali School of Fine Arts. Her teaching inspires many future Jewel’s and Divy’s. For the youth of the island, Show offers piano lessons to children of all ages. Rumor has it that she has already scheduled lessons for Pong Jr. and GabbyCow! In her time away from the music school, Showie has been very vocal in the lively debates on Youkali. Her eloquent speaking ability draws listeners from all corners of the globe, as well as the natives, who have been recently drawn to observe the debate on the rights of the Department of Clandestine operations on the island.


Sunset at Youkali Beach, July, 1996


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